Dust Control in Redmond Oregon

For large commercial or agricultural areas, dust control and abatement may be required by local ordinances. Fugitive dust, (windblown dust) can negatively impact the environment and cause health effects. When soil has been recently disturbed, wind sends soil particles airborne. This airborne soil can result in the loss of top soil, damage crops, cause health problems in humans and animals and damage property.


AB Parking Lot Maintenance offers dust control services that are practical for developers, farmers and land owners.

tire-pothole-damageIgnored soil control over time can incur massive maintenance expenses, starting with wear and tear on equipment such as tires. Having ABPM handle your dust control and soil control needs can save you or your company added unnecessary expenses.


dust-control-safetyLack of dust control can prove to be costly in many areas, including safety. Properly maintained work and civilian areas can save thousands of dollars in health related costs.
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